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Katherine PFAS Community Consultation Group

The Katherine PFAS Community Consultation Group (KPCCG) has been established to provide a mechanism for two-way communication with the community. The KPCCG will help with the timely sharing of the latest information relating to PFAS and receiving community specific information first hand from community representatives.

Please find below the links to the agendas and minutes of the Katherine PFAS Community Consultation Group:


Useful Information and links

The national Health Based Guidance Value (HBGV) for PFOS/PFHxS for recreational use is 0.7 micrograms per Litre (µg/L). For PFOA the HBGV is 5.6µg/L for recreational use. For further information about the national HBGVs view the Department of Health Fact Sheet Health Based Guidance Values for PFAS.

For further information in regards the PFAS Investigation & Management Program being conducted by the Department of Defence please visit

The Northern Territory Department of Health has released dietary advice relating to wild-caught fish species sourced from the Katherine area that potentially contain per-and-poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

The dietary advice includes suggested serving sizes and information about how frequently you can consume some types of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. To access the advice, visit:

More information on PFAS and the Department of Defence’s environmental investigation into PFAS at RAAF Base Tindal can be found by visiting the following sites:

If you have questions relating to wild-caught fish and crustaceans in the Katherine region, contact the NTG Environmental Health on 1800 095 646 or email

Alternatively, if you have questions relating to Defence’s environmental investigation, contact the information line on 1800 316 813 or via return email.