Living here

Life in Katherine is special, if a bit rugged. There's a certain charm to this town in the Top End and it gets under your skin.

Maybe it's the welcoming community, who are more than happy to show you around. With a packed program of events, activities and sports, you'll be kept busy. Or maybe it's the all hands on deck approach. Opportunities are plenty here and if you want it, you can be it.

Maybe it's the vibrant arts and culture scene, connecting us to country and each other. Or the postcard Northern Territory scenery that tempts our adventurous spirits.

Opportunities are plenty here and if you want it, you can be it.

Maybe it's the weather. After a sweltering day, there's a sweet relief when the heavens open. The landscape turns green and comes alive. Or the dry season's touch of cool that makes for prime camping with vivid sunsets and thoughts of "this is living".

It's all of these things plus a simplicity to life here and a depth that leaves a lasting impression.




Katherine has a tropical monsoonal climate.

April to October

For six-to-eight months of the year, when the southern parts of Australia face winter, we enjoy a dry season, which means hot days and cool nights with hardly any rain. The humidity is low with an average daily temperature is around 32°C, dropping as low overnight as 10°C in June and July.

This makes for beautiful sunny days perfect for outdoor adventures. At this time of year Katherine sees an influx of visitors, out exploring the pristine swimming spots and national parks.

November to March

About four to six months of the year is our intense wet season, with steamy hot days relieved by spectacular thunderstorms in the evening. The humidity rises as high as 98% and the temperature frequently goes over 40°C. This is an important time that replenishes the local waterways.

Katherine is a regional town and the fourth largest town in the Northern Territory. It is located on the junction of the Stuart Highway (the Explorer’s Way, running north-south from Darwin to Adelaide) and the Victoria Highway (Savannah Way, from Cairns to Broome)


Part of the Big Rivers Region



The population in Katherine is about 10,000. Around 8,000 people live in the Katherine municipality. Around six per cent work in defence at the nearby RAAF Tindal base, and this adds about 2,000 people to the population.

Katherine is also a centre for residents of the surrounding Big Rivers Region, coming to town for services such has medical, retail and more. The Big Rivers Region, which includes Katherine, has a total population of over 21,000 and includes 23 Aboriginal communities and town camps. 

Despite having a relatively small population and being rather remotes ourselves, we are the central hub for the surrounding areas, providing services to communities from the Western Australia border to the Gulf of the Northern Territory.