Public Order and Safety

Katherine Town Council's Authorised Officers are here to help the community by enforcing By-Laws and Australian Traffic Laws as well as engaging in the community.

Katherine Town Council officers also play an important role in the event of a disaster, working with the Katherine Counter Disaster Management Group.

Animal Management


Parking Control

Online - New Dog Registration

Online - Renewal Dog Registration 

It is a condition of registration that the dog does not become a nuisance, wander from where it is usually being kept or give rise to complaints. Registration is conditional on fencing being adequate to keep the dog confined to the property at all times. If these conditions are not observed registration may be refused or cancelled. I hereby declare the above particulars to be true, and apply for registration of my dog in accordance with the Katherine (Control of Dogs) By-Laws. As required under the By-Laws I also undertake to notify Council of any change in the above details within 14 days.