Elected Members

Katherine Town Council - "The Heart of Opportunity"

Elisabeth Clark (Mayor)

Mayor Clark

  0439 501 348  


Lis's vision for Katherine:

I would like to see another bridge so we are not relying on only 1 bridge during the wet season. A transport hub would also be important particularly when the trucking industry is growing all the time. Truckies need to eat, sleep, and have other amenities that are easier to access than what is available at present. My election vision is to have a community Strategic plan in place which will drive the direction for Council into the next 5 years. A Reconciliation Action plan for our indigenous people. Completing current projects. A new Waste Management facility and more recycling. 

A little about Lis:

I have lived in Katherine for 52 years. I married a local man and had 2 children who were both born here and I have 5 grandchildren.  My husband & I have been in Horticulture for nearly 50 years. We had a plant nursery for 30 years and Landscaping for 25 years here in Katherine. We have a number of places around the town that we have been a part of. We love Katherine and have no plans on moving anywhere else.    

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Kym Henderson (Deputy Mayor)Deputy Mayor

  0407 429 878  


Kym's vision for Katherine:

My vision for Katherine is for an adaptable, inclusive and sustainable community. A place where families want to raise their children and settle down and for Katherine to be a leader in innovation and to have the courage to be creative. I want both the NT and Federal Governments to see how passionate our community members are and how beautiful and unique our region truly is. I hope to support and guide our community members to speak up for what they want and work together to achieve a brighter future for Katherine.

A little about Kym:

My family and I arrived in Katherine in 1996 after my father was posted through the RAAF to Tindal. My family have lived and worked in Katherine since then (with the exception of a handful of years down south due to RAAF postings). I completed my primary and secondary schooling here at St Joseph’s Catholic College and completed years 11 and 12 at boarding school in Hamilton Victoria. Since finishing school, I have successfully completed a Diploma in Business Administration, a Diploma in HR & Payroll and a Diploma in Management & leadership. I have worked for both Local and State Government departments, not-for-profit organisations and volunteer organisations on various Boards and Committees, all of which have given me a wide variety of experience and skills in Governance and proper business practices.

My experience and skills extend beyond the structure of business and Government; I am a passionate horse woman and a current coach and mentor at the Katherine Horse and Pony Club. I am a member of the Katherine and District Show Society and have been the Equestrian Coordinator for the previous 3 shows, I also train and compete with my dogs in agility and obedience competitions and I love being active and spending quality time with my beautiful family and friends.

I believe strongly in investing in our youth, as they are the future leaders of the community and always offer my support as a mentor. I am an LGBTQIA+ advocate and pride myself on my commitment to giving back to this amazing community that has given me so much during the last 25 years and I want to be a member of the Katherine Town Council for you, for the people of Katherine. I want to represent and advocate for our vibrant little piece of Australia.

As a long-term resident of Katherine and a passionate and active community member, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges we face. In the face of these challenges I will however, be the champion for innovation, I will fight to empower our community and local businesses to think outside the box, to challenge the status quo and to strive for constant improvements to benefit our community.

Ben Herdon (Councillor)

   0405 146 007   

Benjamin.Herdon@ktc.nt.gov.auBen's vision for Katherine:

  • Infrastructure, facilities and spaces which are safe and usable for all residents, as well as ensuring we have facilities to meet the needs of visitors.
  • I want to engage with other levels of government to ensure housing is affordable and accessible.
  • Collaboration with business and other levels of government to attract people to live and work in the many available jobs here.
  • Preservation of the culture and environment of this area.
  • Protection of water and land resources, repower the region with renewable energy, and cooling our communities.
  • A community which has faith in its Council and trusts the Councillors to make decisions in the town’s best interest. A Council which has earned its community’s trust
  • What’s your vision for Katherine?

A little about Ben:

I’ve been living full time in Katherine since mid-2019 and working here on and off since 2017. Before living in Katherine I’ve also lived in Darwin, Adelaide, rural Tasmania and the Blue Mountains. I’ve also lived in the Philippines doing volunteer work in 2012, and my work has taken me to country Victoria too. This is my 20th year with the Commonwealth Bank and with that comes vast experience with regulatory compliance, risk management, team leadership, community engagement, and financial acumen of course.

Outside of banking I’ve volunteered in community youth work through churches in NSW and SA where I was a youth pastor and pastor for almost 20 years. Since leaving the church I have been involved with serving the LGBTQIA+ community through the Pride movement in both SA and NT. Some have called me the “Pastor of Pride” and I don’t mind that nickname at all.

I fell in love with Katherine the very first time I came to town. I was welcomed by the people I met, and the natural environment totally captivated me. I knew I had to be a part of this community and when the opportunity came up to relocate with work I didn’t hesitate. Now that I’m here I can’t see myself leaving. My dog, Lily, and I are here to stay. I’d love to meet a partner, start a family and raise that family in Katherine.

I’m very interested in meeting community members and groups to discuss the issues that are important to us all. Due to my current work commitments my availability is limited during business hours. I’m very flexible about meeting early before work, after work, and weekends.

Denis Coburn (Councillor)Cr Coburn

  0411 858 752   


Denis's vision for Katherine:

My Vision for Katherine is for a People-Friendly town inhabited by diverse groups coming together for the betterment of residence and tourists alike. We can make this happen by the beautification of our public spaces and better use of our iconic river and to embrace the modern technologies like solar power that benefit our lifestyle.

KTC is developing a strategic plan that must address how we are going to remove the heavy vehicles from the town centre. The cost is a new bridge and probably over the low level to make that crossover year-round and with all the truck stops on Zimin. It makes sense.

Two projects that have my full support are the move of the Waste disposal Centres to a more modern facility, a development that will allow for more recycling and reusing in the community and the second is finding a new home for the AFL in Katherine. The game will continue to develop in the Big Rivers region and needs to have a standalone facility to accommodate its growth and this will allow the showgrounds to develop to its full potential.

I have lived and worked in Katherine for over 20 years mainly in the tourism and sports administration sector often using the KTC facilities, so I have a good understanding of the issues facing the KTC.  Over the journey I have been on many Association Boards including the original establishment Board of the Ryan Park markets and the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Cultural Centre so I believe I understand the process of Council and can contribute.

A little about Denis:

I moved to Katherine just after the flood in 98 to Manage Palm Court for Travel North. I have spent 20+ happy years in Katherine. I met my wife Michelle here and we have started a family here.

Maddy Bower (Councillor)Cr Bower

  0458 449 121   


Maddy’s Vision for Katherine:

The vision I have for KTC, is that we can be a team that is innovative and has the ability to work in collaboration with current stakeholders, to build future partnerships, and to enable our town to be prosperous, environmentally and financially.  I would like to see Katherine be the vibrant town that we can be, develop our strengths and work together with community to develop our town together.  Our cultural diversity is a strength and needs to be seen as an asset to Katherine and our surrounding regions.

As a local Aboriginal woman, born and raised in this town, just having the opportunity to put my hand up to be a voice on KTC is a huge step forward and advocating for: 

  • Creating safe and welcoming communities
  • Preserving our environment and heritage
  • Cooling our communities – climate change
  • Protecting our water; our rivers are our greatest assets and they need protecting
  • Working with all levels of government to look at renewable energy

A little about Maddy:

My mother (Nida Lowe), who was a Stolen Generations (Gudanji/ Wambaya /Waanyi /Garra nations) member and my father (Mick Bower) were long term residents here in Katherine, loved the lifestyle and found this home for their children was not a choice, but a place of need.  They appreciated the environment, the heritage and especially the camping out bush.  This has been instilled in me and I hope what I have learnt will assist with preserving the uniqueness of our township. I have been fortunate enough to grow up in this town.  I went to pre-school, Clyde Fenton School and High School.  My career has somehow led me into the health field in some way or another and this has been a fortunate for me.  Although things have changed since my childhood, I remember my journey and I also remember the struggles of others here in my hometown and hope my role can contribute to act in the best interest of the individuals, families and community.

Family and friends have got me to this position, and I hope I can deliver.  I think my attributes can contribute to making Katherine a place for everyone, including those who need education on levels that can be confrontational.

My work and interests are community health, research, collaboration and strengthening the Council especially where cultural humility is concerned. I have worked in Government and Aboriginal Health Services and sectors, and currently working for Flinders University as the Indigenous Health Lecturer.  

I have a strong connections to my family and friends in the Katherine community and I am known to be called ‘Aunty Maddy’ or ‘Nanna Maddy’ – this link to not just my own family but many families in this town is reflective of my values and approach to life, and supporting each other can create a space whereby we all feel safe, connected and supported.   

My Values consist of strengthening the council needs for the community and supporting the candidates, finding solutions and keeping it real, by working with the community and acknowledging the historical context so we can move through our issues in a positive way with family, friends, culture, environment and social aspects of our community.

Katherine has many possibilities to grow a more sustainable place for everyone, as it is the hub of our many nations, many businesses and services.

Amanda Kingdon (Councillor)Cr Kingdon

     0418 408 938


Amanda's vision for Katherine:

My vision is to see Katherine become a prosperous and economically thriving place. I would like to see environmentally and economical sustainable projects that meet the needs of the increasingly diverse community, as well as improve services and facilities for residents and visitors.

I am excited to work on a much needed, sustainable long term Strategic Plan, to encourage investment to help with housing affordability and for Katherine to be a better place to live.

I would like to see a public bus transit centre as well as safe pedestrian/bike pathways, better parking areas, improved street lighting, greening and shade coverings, seating in public areas, family friendly park areas, waste/junk recycling and hydrating stations.  I would like to see more community consultation and to see innovative economically sustainable opportunities supported.

I have attended monthly open forums as a ratepayer over the last 5 years. I am ready and willing to serve the Katherine Community.  Look forward to working with you all.

A little about Amanda:

I am a homeowner and lived in Katherine for 22 years.  I have a strong background in administration, business, and tourism. I started a business and a family in 2001.

I have worked in local businesses, NGO’s and NTG in office/project administration I am working part time and studying Mental Health, which will build on my existing values and experience to be a strong voice for Katherine.    

I look forward to building strong working relationships to generate constructive positive solutions during the next 4-year term.

This Council together with Council Executives and Operations staff need to lead Katherine municipality by making well informed decisions that serve both this urban and rural community. I look forward to help develop a long-term strategic plan with priority to attracting development of affordable housing and quality services and facilities.

I am ready to work hard for the community to make Katherine the best place to live

Jeremy Trembath (Councillor)Cr JeremyTrembath

   0439 899 832  

@ Jeremy.Trembath@ktc.nt.gov.au

Jeremy's vision for Katherine:

I'd like to see Katherine focus on the simple things; like feeding each other with community gardens, finding ways to reuse and recycle and keeping our beautiful country free of weeds and rubbish. 

A little about Jeremy:

Born in Zimbabwe, moved over at 1, back to Zimbabwe in grade 5 and Katherine again in year 10 (2003) after our farm was taken by force. I've lived in Katherine 27 years of my 33 years and don't plan on moving away.

Elected members' Code of Conduct policy.

A Code of Conduct policy is important as councillors represent the Council and community. It is as follows:

  1. Honesty and integrity

A member must act honestly and with integrity in performing official functions.

  1. Care and diligence

A member must act with reasonable care and diligence in performing official functions.

  1. Courtesy

A member must act with courtesy towards other members, council staff, electors and members of the public.

  1. Prohibition on bullying

A member must not bully another person in the course of performing official functions.

  1. Conduct towards council staff

A member must not direct, reprimand, or interfere in the management of, council staff.

  1. Respect for cultural diversity and culture

A member must respect cultural diversity and must not therefore discriminate against others, or the opinions of others, on the ground of their cultural background. A member must act with respect for cultural beliefs and practices in relation to other members, council staff, electors and members of the public

  1. Conflict of interest

A member must avoid any conflict of interest, whether actual or perceived, when undertaking official functions and responsibilities. If a conflict of interest exists, the member must comply with any statutory obligations of disclosure.

  1. Respect for confidences

A member must respect the confidentiality of information obtained in confidence in the member's official capacity. A member must not make improper use of confidential information obtained in an official capacity to gain a private benefit or to cause harm to another.

  1. Gifts

A member must not solicit, encourage or accept gifts or private benefits from any person who might have an interest in obtaining a benefit from the council. A member must not accept a gift from a person that is given in relation to the person's interest in obtaining a benefit from the council.

  1. Accountability

A member must be prepared at all times to account for the member's performance as a member and the member's use of council resources.

  1. Interests of municipality, region or shire to be paramount

A member must act in what the member genuinely believes to be the best interests of the municipality, region or shire. In particular, a member must seek to ensure that the member's decisions and actions are based on an honest, reasonable and properly informed judgment about what best advances the best interests of the municipality, region or shire.

  1. Training

A member must undertake relevant training in good faith.