Your Katherine Public Library membership gives you access to eAudiobooks, eBooks and eMagazines.

Library Catalogue

Use the library catalogue to:

  • search for items
  • request books
  • access you account to see what you have on loan and to renew books
  • search the collections of other public libraries in the Northern Territory
  • access online databases relating to health, literacy and science
Library Catalogue

Borrow Box

BorrowBox allows you to browse and download eBooks and eAudiobooks on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, as well as your computer. You can borrow up to eight eAudiobooks and eight eBooks.  To get started:

How to access Borrow Box

  1. Download the BorrowBox app
  2. When prompted to search for a library search “LibrariesNT”
  3. Log in using your library card number and password
    • You can reset your password here
  4. Browse or search the eAudiobook and eBook collections
  5. Open the book you are interested in and press “Borrow”

You can also access the eAudiobooks and eBooks on your computer using the LibrariesNT BorrowBox website.