Schedule 1 Code of Conduct - Local Government Act 2019[10]

Acts and Regulations

The following Acts and Regulations apply in the Katherine Municipality.

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Please note that this listing is for information purposes only and is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all Acts and Regulations that may be applicable.

Local Government Act 2019

Local Government Regulations 2021

Animal Protection Act

Animal Protection Regulations

Land Title Act

Land Title Regulations

Planning Act

Swimming Pool Safety Act

Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

Traffic Act

Traffic Regulations

The NT Ministerial Guidelines

NT Ministerial Guidelines


The Katherine Town Council By-Laws explains how the Council operates under the local government act. This includes the preliminary explanation of the by-laws, health & safety, animal management, public libraries & places, off-street car parks, council meetings & procedures etc.

Katherine Town Council in February 2023 finalised amending the Katherine Town Council By-Laws 1998 which come into effect on the 1 July 2023.

The following is a link to the Northern Territory Legislation Database where the most up to date Katherine Town Council By-Laws can be downloaded as a PDF of RTF document.

Katherine Town Council By-Laws 1998 effective 1 July 2023

Gazette Notice

Katherine Town Council Signs Code

The Katherine Town Council Signs Code refers to Katherine Town Council By-Law 86 which provides the legislative framework for the placement of signs within the Municipality. The Code stipulates the placement, size, shape, content and colour of signs, hoardings and advertising - in or on a public place; or on premises adjoining or in view of a public place.

Katherine Town Council Signs Code

Hard copies may also be collected from the Civic Centre.