Dog Ownership Guide

Katherine Town Council has animal control by-laws to ensure that dogs are cared for and kept safe by their owners, as well as providing a happy and safe environment for the general public. Council's online Dog Ownership Guide Brochure can be downloaded here.

This guide has details on the following topics. 

  • Animal Management (Including Dogs at Large & Impounded Dogs) 
  • Dog Registrations 
  • Animal Welfare
  • Dog Tags & Microchipping 
  • Multiple Dogs 
  • Dog Parks

Dog Registration 

Dog registration fees are reviewed every financial year. Current fees and charges of registrations can be found here.

Council offers the following registration options: 

  • Annual Registration (non desexed)
  • Annual Registration (desexed)
  • Lifetime Registration (Lifetime registration is a one off payment that ensures your dog is registered for life with Katherine Town Council. Concession rates for dog registration are also available when provided with proof of concession i.e. Healthcare Card, Pensioner Card, Disability Card etc). 

When registering your dog for the first time, where applicable, you will need proof of desexing (e.g. Certificate of Sterilization). New dog registrations can be completed during business hours at the CIVIC Centre. Alternatively, you can complete the application for a New Dog Registration online.

A Council staff member will then be in contact with you to arrange payment and registration tags. 


  • Guide dogs registrations are free. 
  • Pro-rata rates are available for new dog registrations only.
  • Please ensure details are current, you can notify Council of any changes here.
  • Registration can not be transferred to another dog or Council. 
  • Replacement tags are available from the CIVIC Centre.

It is a condition of registration that the dog does not become a nuisance, wander from where it is usually being kept or give rise to complaints. Registration is conditional on fencing being adequate to keep the dog confined to the property at all times. If these conditions are not observed registration may be refused or cancelled. 

Dog Exercise Areas

Dogs are permitted to exercise in Council parks, but must be under effective control by owner at all times: 

  • Lockheed Park (Dog Park) 
  • Casuarina Park 
  • Katherine Showgrounds 

Surrender of Animal

Council provides the option of a surrender, but Council requests you explore your options before considering surrender. Fees for surrender of dog to the pound can be found here

Dog Licence

If you have more than two dogs you can apply for a dog licence, which allows for up to four dogs within the municipality. Current fees of licences can be found here. Dog licences can be applied for and renewed yearly at the CIVIC Centre. 

Barking Dogs & Complaints

Please refer here for all relevant barking dog information. 

Cat Traps

Cat traps are available to hire at the CIVIC Centre. There is no fee to hire these traps however, an equipment deposit is required. 

It is the hirer's responsibility to collected and return traps to the CIVIC Centre during operating hours. Once the trap has been returned in good working order, the deposit will be refunded back to hirer. Cats caught in Council traps will only be collected during operating hours (Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm).

To enquire about hiring a cat trap, please contact our customer service team or bring the completed Cat Trap Hire Form to the CIVIC Centre to process.