Animal Management

Dog Barking Complaints

Our rangers address excessive dog barking complaints in the municipality.

Reasons for excessive barking include:

  • Anxiety, stress
  • Lack of training and obedience
  • Boredom, lack of stimulation or overstimulation
  • Health and welfare issues
  • Warnings to owners (foot traffic, unwanted visitors and/or to alert owners)
  • Attention seeking behaviour (learned behaviour)
  • The dominance of territory or feeling as though their territory is being threatened.

Should you be the owner or neighbour of a barking dog and wish to seek assistance please contact Council Rangers for advice.

Anti-bark collars

Anti-bark collars are available to hire at the Civic Centre. Anti-bark collars emit a small charge of electricity when your dog barks and the charge can be adjusted.

Anti-bark collars can be hired to owners of registered dogs. Once the collar has been returned in good working order the deposit will be refunded back to the hirer.

Contact Council for more information or bring your completed Anti Barking & Cat Trap Hire form to the Civic Centre during business hours.


Dog or cat traps

Dog or cat traps are available to hire at the Civic Centre. There is no fee to hire these traps however an equipment deposit is required.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to collect and return traps to the Civic Centre during operating hours. Once the trap has been returned in good working order the deposit will be refunded back to the hirer.

Dogs or cats caught in Council traps will only be collected between operating hours (Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm).

Additional fees may be levied when Council are required to deliver and collect traps or collect and impound animals caught outside of operating hours.

To enquire about hiring a dog or cat trap please contact our friendly customer service staff or bring the completed Anti Barking & Cat Trap Hire Form into the Civic Centre during business hours to process.

Anti Barking & Cat Trap Hire Form

Dog Attacks

Dog attacks should be reported to Council and the police as soon as possible. Council takes dog attacks, menacing dogs and dogs at large (not under control) seriously. All reports will be investigated by our Rangers. Persons found guilty of an offence face penalties such as:

  • Fines of up to $600.00.
  • Seizure and or euthanasia of the dog.
  • Regulatory Orders.
  • Dog de-registration and removal from the Municipality.

Dogs at Large

It is the owner's responsibility to maintain their dog(s) under effective control. Dogs wandering the street outside of the owner's property may attract an infringement. Dogs must be walked on leads in public areas. 

Dog Exercise Areas

Dogs are permitted to exercise in Council parks but must be under effective control by the owner.

  • Lockheed Park
  • Casuarina Park
  • Katherine Showgrounds

Responsible Dog Ownership

Katherine Town Council has animal control by-laws to ensure that dogs are cared for and kept safe by their owners as well as providing a happy and safe environment for the general public. Katherine Town Council Rangers are available to assist with responsible pet ownership in the municipality and work with the community to improve the services we offer and to meet the needs of the community.

There are a number of organisations, businesses, professionally trained and qualified people that are able to assist and that specialise in dog behaviour training and therapy. They may be able to assist with tips, advice and a training program suitable to your needs.

Dog Registrations

Dog registration fees are reviewed yearly. Council offers registrations for the following options:

  • desexed
  • entire
  • lifetime. Lifetime registration is a once-off payment that ensures your dog is registered for life with Katherine Town Council. Concession rates for dog registration are also available when provided with proof of concession i.e. Health Care Card, Pensioner Card, Disability Card etc.

View fees and charges of registrations here


  • Guide Dogs are free to register.
  • Pro-Rata rates are available for new dog registrations only.

When registering your dog for the first time, where applicable, you will need proof of desexing (e.g. Certificate of Sterilization from your vet). Dog registrations can be completed during business hours at the Civic Centre. Alternatively, you can complete the Application for Dog Registration and email to A Council staff member will then be in contact with you to arrange payment and registration tags.

Application for Dog Registration

Online Dog Registration

Online Dog Renewal

Update or Change your Animal details 

It is a condition of registration that the dog does not become a nuisance, wander from where it is usually being kept or give rise to complaints. Registration is conditional on fencing being adequate to keep the dog confined to the property at all times. If these conditions are not observed registration may be refused or cancelled. I hereby declare the above particulars to be true, and apply for registration of my dog in accordance with the Katherine (Control of Dogs) By-Laws. As required under the By-Laws I also undertake to notify Council of any change in the above details within 14 days.


It is important to note that all complaints and reports that Council receives are kept strictly confidential.