Frequently Asked Questions


Barking Dogs

Lonely or bored dogs are usually the worst barking offenders. To assist owners or neighbours with a barking problem Council has developed a Dog Noise Strategy which provides tips on how to address barking problems. You can contact Council Rangers to get a copy of the dog noise strategy 08 8972 5500 or email

Animal Management

Does my dog need to be microchipped?

Katherine Town Council does not require dogs to be microchip; however, strongly encourages it. Microchipping enables easy identification in the event your dog goes missing and loses their collar or dog registration tag. Microchipped dogs are placed on a national register by your local vet to enable identification and return of your pet, no matter where you are. Please remember to update your details on this register every time you move or your contact details change. Further information can be obtained from your local vet or Katherine Town Council.

Animal Management

Dog Exercise Areas

Dog are permitted to exercise in Council nominated parks and walking paths but must be kept under effective control by the owner.

The Low-Level Park, Katherine Sportsgrounds and Katherine Hot Springs are Dog Restriction Areas.

Animal Management

Dog Ownership and the Law!

Responsible dog owners have few problems with their dogs or their neighbours. Their dogs are happy, healthy and well cared for and make wonderful companion animals. However, dog owners must be aware of the laws and legal responsibilities of their dog ownership.

Advice is available to help solve dog problems. Council prefers to work with owners to solve problems rather than force owners to part with their pets. Each complaint received is considered an opportunity for Council to provide assistance to the community, and the dog owner. You are welcome to contact Council Rangers on 08 8972 5500 for assistance with solutions, training advice and for help selecting the dog most suitable for you.

Animal Management

Dog Registration – How much does it cost?

Dog Registration fees are reviewed yearly. Council offer costs for desexed, entire dog and lifetime registration.  Lifetime registration is a once-off payment that ensures your dog is registered for life with Katherine Town Council. Concession rates for dog registration are also available when provided with proof of concession i.e. Health Care Card, Pensioner Card, Disability Card etc.

Guide Dogs are free to register.

Pro-Rata rates are available for new dog registrations only.

When registering your dog for the first time, where applicable, you will need proof of desexing (e.g. Certificate of Sterilization from your vet). Dog registrations can be completed during business hours at the Civic Centre. Alternatively, you can complete the Application for Dog Registration and email to . A Council staff member will then be in contact with you to arrange payment and registration tags.

Registration Form

Animal Management

Dog Registration – Why should I do it?

Katherine Town Council has animal control by-laws to ensure that dogs are cared for and kept safe by their owners as well as providing a happy and safe environment for the general public.

Dog registration is compulsory in Katherine for all dogs once they reach three months of age. Registration is for 12 months from 1 July to 30 June.

If the dog is lost or impounded, wearing a registration tag enables the owner to be notified and the dog to be returned as soon as practical. If your dog’s registration tag is lost, a replacement tag is available from the Council Civic Centre. The fee for replacement can be found in our current Fees and Charges here

Animal Management

Keeping more than 2 Dogs – What is the process?

To keep more than two dogs at a premise a special licence must be obtained. Application forms for a special licence are available from the Civic Centre during business hours. Alternatively, you can complete the Application Dog Licence/Renewal of Dog Licence Form and return the completed form to . Once the application and payment have been received by Council an appointment is arranged to inspect the premises. This inspection is to ensure that the premises are suitably fenced for the breed of dog. Neighbours are also canvassed for their comment regarding the dogs’ behaviours.

Registration Form

Animal Management

Dogs at Large

Katherine Town Council strictly enforces By-Laws relating to dogs being at large. Make sure you keep your dog in your yard or under effective control when outside your yard. Dogs wandering the street attract a $100 - $200 fine, even if you or someone else simply becomes absent minded and leaves the gate open.

I have lost or found a dog. What do I do?

In the event that your dog goes missing or you locate a lost dog please contact Katherine Town Council on 8972 5500 at any time to report this. After Hours reports will be taken by our Call Centre.

Council maintains a Lost & Found registry for all reports received to help ensure that lost dogs can be returned to their owners as soon as possible.

To help with this process it is always important to have your dog registered and ensure contact details are kept up to date.


My dog is in the Pound. How do I get it back?

Katherine Town Council follows strict guidelines for impounding dogs.

Before an impounded dog can be released from the pound:

  • It must be registered; and
  • All impound fees must be paid in full.

This DOES NOT include infringements.

Dog registrations and the payment of impound fees are to be completed at the Katherine Town Council Civic Centre prior to the dogs release. The Civic Centre is open Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Dogs will only be released to the owner or to a person authorised to act on the owner’s behalf.

On release of the dog(s) infringements may be issued to the owner in person or you will be notified verbally and infringements will be issued by registered mail.

The Dog Pound operates by appointment only. Once payment has been received an appointment can be made with Council Rangers to retrieve the dog(s) from the Pound.

For further information in regards to releasing a dog from the pound please contact Council on 08 8972 5500.


Rehoming a Dog – Pound Puppies

The pound often has dogs and puppies available for rehoming. Rehoming is at the cost of registration.


Where is the Dog Pound?

The Katherine Town Council Dog Pound is located at 38 Chardon Street (Next to Mitre 10), along with our Municipal Depot. Access to the Dog Pound is via appointment only. Appointments can be made by contacting the Council on 08 8972 5500.



How do I pay my Rates?

Katherine Town Council offers community members a number of options in regards to the method and frequency in which they make payment on their rates.

Rates can be paid in 4 instalments over the financial year being; 30 September, 30 November, 31 January and 31 March. The minimum payment amount is advised to rates payers on the official Notice of Rates & Charges, issued in July each year.

Alternatively, residents can make payments of any amount, at any time, ensuring that the minimum payment amounts are adhered to.

Payment for rates can be made via several methods;

  • In Person: Payment can be made in person at the Katherine Town Council Civic Centre, Stuart Highway, Katherine. Cashier Hours are 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. We accept cash, EFTPOS and Cheque. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept AMEX or DINERS.
  • BPAY: Set up one-off or recurring BPAY payments direct from your bank account. To use BPAY quote the biller code and reference no. as indicated on your Rates Notice.
  • Telephone: MasterCard or Visa payments may be made by phoning 08 8972 5500 during business hours.
  • Online: Visit our website and utilise our secure online payment service; Council eService’s. You will require the Assessment Number from your Rates Notice (found above the biller code).
  • Mail: Cheques or Money Order payable to Katherine Town Council and cross Not Negotiable. Detach instalment slip/s and mail to:
    Katherine Town Council
    PO Box 1071
  • Centrepay: Use Centrepay to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment. Please call Council or Centrelink to arrange.
  • Direct Debit: Your bill can be paid automatically from your nominated cheque or savings account. Please contact Council for more information or complete and return our Direct Debit Application form.

Direct Debit Application form

Rates Information

I hold a Pensioner/Carers Card. Am I eligible for a concession on my Rates?

Pensioner and Carer Concession cardholders may be eligible for a concession on their annual rates and waste management levy. The Pensioner and Carer Concession scheme is a federally funded campaign that is implemented by the NT Government Department of Health and facilitated by Local Governments.

In order to obtain this concession, you will need to contact the Northern Territory Pensioner & Carer Concession Scheme on 1800 777 704 or by emailing

Rates Information

I have moved and need to change my address. What do I do?

If you have moved or changed your postal address it is vital to inform the Council and update your records.

All changes to personal details, including your postal address, must be made in writing as per the Local Government Act. This can be done in person at the Civic Centre, via post or email

By ensuring your contact details are current you can avoid not receiving your Rates Notice and in turn possible additional late fees and charges. To Change your address click here

Rates Information

What do I get for my Rates?

Katherine Town Council charges rates to raise revenue in order to provide services and infrastructure to the municipality.

Services include the removal of waste via both kerbside collection services and access to the Waste Management Facility along with the provision of community facilities such as libraries, visitor information services, the memorial cemetery, parks, reserves, suburban roads and general public spaces.

Katherine Town Council is also responsible for enforcing regulatory services in relation to dogs, parking, illegal camping, littering and sign management.

Rates Information

Waste Management

Disposal of Asbestos – What do I do?

The Katherine Waste Management Facility is licenced to accept asbestos that complies with NT Work Safe Authority regulations and legislation requirements. Please visit for clarifications on these regulations.

An Application for Asbestos Disposal Form must be completed prior for assessment.

Asbestos will only be accepted at the Waste Management Facility if the disposal has been authorised in writing by Katherine Town Council’s Works & Services Department and STRICTLY by appointment ONLY.

For further information in regards to the Asbestos disposal process please contact Council on 08 8972 5500.

Waste Management

Use of the Waste Management Facility – Private Vs Commercial

The disposal of general household rubbish is free; however, costs apply for commercial dumping. Companies and businesses can set up accounts for commercial dumping by contacting the Waste Management Facility directly at 08 8971 2014, alternatively, payment can be made directly at the Waste Management Facility Office by EFTPOS.

Waste Management

Where is the Waste Management Facility and when is it open?

The Katherine Town Council’s Waste Management Facility (Dump/Tip) is located on Novis Quarry Road, approximately 7kms from the Post Office along the Victoria Highway, opposite the Railway Terminal.

The Waste Management Facility is open Monday to Thursday, 7.30 am to 4.00 pm, Friday 7.30 am to 2.30pm and Weekends/Public Holidays, 8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Waste Management

Does Katherine have options for recycling?

The Katherine Waste Management Facility currently has recycling programs in place for steel and white goods, car batteries, truck and 4WD tyres, and waste, car and cooking oil.

In addition to the Katherine Waste Management Facility residents are also able to dispose of eligible beverage containers at M.T. Bins Pty Ltd (Shed 5, Bovril Street) in conjunction with the Northern Territories Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). Please contact M.T. Bins Pty Ltd directly for further information, including opening hours 08 8971 0577.

Recycling is coming to Katherine in the form of a six-month trial. Katherine Town Council has commenced a six-month kerbside recycling trial that around 250 houses in Katherine East will be invited to participate in the trial starting Wednesday June 21, with bins emptied fortnightly. On completion of the trial council will consider the results.



The Katherine Waste Management Facility is a designated drumMuster site.

Chemical Drums may be disposed at the Waste Management Facility STRICTLY by appointment.

To ensure your empty chemical drumMuster containers are accepted at the Waste Management Facility please ensure all chemical residue is removed, remove lids and let your containers dry thoroughly, bring your lids separately and metal containers should have a hole punctured from the top to the bottom.

For further information in regards to the drumMuster process please contact the Waste Management Facility directly on 08 8971 2014.


Garbage Collection – The Facts

Katherine Town Council provides a waste collection service to most residents within the Katherine municipality.

A durable 240 litre mobile rubbish bin is provided by the Council’s contractor. The rubbish bin remains the property of the contractor and must be left on the premises when vacated.

The property owner is charged a waste management fee. This fee covers the cost of a weekly rubbish removal service and unlimited use of the Waste Management Facility for general personal waste.

Kerbside Collection

My rubbish bin has been damaged or stolen. What do I do?

In the event that your rubbish bin is stolen or damaged please contact Council to advise us of the issue. In some cases of damage, our contractor may be able to repair the damage and return your rubbish bin to working order. In the case of major damage or theft, we can replace your rubbish bin.

Repairs and replacements can take up to 10 days, dependent on stock availability. In situations where it may be longer Council will make contact to advise you of this.

All repairs and replacement of rubbish bins occur at no cost to you.

Kerbside Collection

When is my garbage pick up day?

Different areas of the municipality have their rubbish bins emptied on different days. Please refer to the Kerbside Collection page to see when your pick up day is:

Kerbside Collection

Council Contractor’s may begin collection as early as 6am and as late as 6pm on the day of your collection. It is advisable to put your bin out the night before to ensure it does not miss collection.

Please note the following tips to ensure your bin is collected with no issues:

  • Please put your bin as close as possible to the road and ensure the bin faces the road;
  • Ensure the bin is clear of obstructions such as trees, parked cars, power poles or fire hydrants;
  • Do not overfill your bin so the lid does not close;
  • Do not leave any rubbish beside the bin as it will not be collected;
  • Do not put hot ashes, sharp, or heavy objects in your bin as they may damage it;
  • Do not place gardening scraps in your bin as these will compact it down and make it too heavy to lift.


Disabled Access – Katherine Hot Springs

Katherine Town Council provides disabled access to the Katherine Hot Springs for those who may experience mobility issues. The disabled access is located at the end of Croker Street and a code is required for access. This code can be obtained by calling 08 8972 5500, even after hours and on weekend.

Katherine Hot Springs is a free public facility and is open from sunrise to sunset. Access to the Katherine Hot Springs may be restricted during the Wet Season due to rising river levels.

My car has been impounded. How do I get it back?

Katherine Town Council follows strict guidelines for releasing impounded vehicles.

Impounded vehicles will only be released to the owner, or to an authorised person, elected to act on the owner’s behalf. Proof of ownership, as well as a current identification, must be provided. In the instance of an authorised person, proof of authorisation must be provided.

Prior to a vehicle being released, all impounding fees must be paid in full. Vehicle impounding fees are determined by how long the vehicle has been impounded for along with towing fees.

If the vehicle is unregistered or unroadworthy, the owner must organise to have the vehicle towed.

Alternatively, proof of a temporary licence to drive/tow an unregistered vehicle can be shown.

Katherine Town Council’s Impound Yard operates by appointment only. For further information in regards to releasing an impounded vehicle please contact Council on 08 8972 5500.

Where is the Civic Centre?

The Civic Centre, which is the main office location for all Council departments, is located at 24 Stuart Highway, Katherine – just north of the Katherine Bridge.