Council announces rates and adopts 2022/23 Municipal Plan and Budget

Published on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 at 8:49:53 AM

Katherine residents will see an average rate rise of 4.8 per cent this financial year. This increase was passed at the council meeting on Tuesday June 28, along with council’s 2022/23 Municipal Plan and Budget and the 2022/23 Fees and Charges.

Mayor Elisabeth Clark said rates ensure residents receive essential services like waste management, road maintenance, and working facilities.

“We’ve kept rates as low as possible coming out of the pandemic, which saw them frozen in 2020,” she said. “We do try very hard at council to keep costs low. We’re aware of the increases to cost of living. Rates are an essential part of daily life and Katherine wouldn’t be able to function without them. They allow us to have a library service, keep Katherine clean and liveable, and so much more.”

Rates will provide $8.2 million to fund council operations. The 4.8 per cent is an average figure and may be different depending on the land zoning (see page 25 of the Municipal Plan). The waste management charge will raise $1.4 million to meet the costs of garbage collection and waste disposal services. This charge includes one bin per household. For ratepayers that receive a second bin collection, there is now a fee, which will need to be paid by the first instalment of rates on September 30.

There are four instalments for rate payments. Council will start charging a 9% per annum interest rate for late payment, which council is legally required to do. Council will send out rate notices in the next few weeks, which will include an insert providing information on how your rates were calculated.

Council’s Fees and Charges, which cover items like council facility hire, were increased by 6%, in line with the consumer price index.

The 2022/23 Municipal Plan and Budget was passed following a consultation period of 21 days where it was open to public comment. No major changes were made.

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