Six-month recycling trial for Katherine East

Published on Tuesday, 23 May 2023 at 9:47:43 AM

Recycling is coming to Katherine in the form of a six-month trial. Katherine Town Council has advised that around 250 houses in Katherine East will be invited to participate in the trial starting Wednesday June 21, with bins emptied fortnightly.

“We’re hoping to educate the community on recycling and gather data on the impact of this to help future recycling initiatives and funding,” Mayor Lis Clark said.

Streets selected in the Katherine East reycling trial.

Residents on Gregory Ct, Patterson Ct, Cyprus St, Casuarina St, Cormack St, Bradshaw Cres, Hamdorf St, Inskip Cres, and Stacey Rd will be part of the trial.

Fliers will be distributed to residents this week and bins will be delivered in early June, with the residential recycling trucked to Darwin. The trial will cost council around $30,000, but there will be no cost to residents to participate.

“We're hoping people will get on board with this,” Ms. Clark said. “This will divert waste going to our landfill.”

Katherine’s landfill has about a decade left before it needs to be capped and another location developed. Reducing waste will extend the timeline for when a new landfill is needed.

At the end of this trial, council will look at data regarding resident behaviour and how well recycling was separated to help inform future recycling initiatives.

Recycling flier

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