Dog in pound finds happy home

Published on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 at 11:30:14 AM

A dog that Katherine Town Council had in its pound, that caused concern on Facebook in Katherine because of her sad looking condition, is the picture of happiness having found a new home.

“I thought it might be time for a buddy,” the dog’s new owner Allison Forbes said. “I wasn’t expecting to find a dog I would fall in love with, but she just jumped out at me.”

Council rangers picked up Zelda (named by Allison for being a bit of a warrior) early in May this year. The picture council posted on Facebook showed a downcast dog with cuts and patchy fur. A veterinarian checked her over and she was given a Nexgard tablet for fleas and she then convalesced at the council pound for the next few weeks, getting food and pets from council rangers who looked after her.

Musician and vaccination centre employee Allison found Zelda on the council’s pound webpage a couple of weeks ago. She had no knowledge of the furore the dog’s image had created on Facebook, but she did notice a slight wagging of her tail.

“She seemed, in the photo, happy to get some attention, which made me fall in love with her — with her beautiful nature — to be in that kind of state and still be happy,” Allison said.

Allison said the vet thinks Zelda is about 12-18 months old and that she will be a big dog considering she’s on the lean side and still 26 kilos. Although Zelda is hesitant with new people, Allison reports that she is blossoming into a great dog. Her skin condition, which might have been caused by stress, has been clearing up since she has been getting plenty of love and attention.

“She’s pretty placid, I haven’t heard her bark,” Allison said.

The fur on her face has grown back, although she does have scars on her nose, and she takes up three quarters of the bed. She loves to sleep and wrestle. She still needs practice with walking on a lead, but she comes back when she is called and is social with other dogs.

“She’s just got a beautiful nature,” Allison said. “She is the goodest girl.”

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