Katherine Town Council Waste Management Strategy Consultation

Katherine Town Council is developing a Waste Management Strategy to provide a strategic framework to guide council decisions about waste in Katherine.

The strategy will focus on the three R’s; reduce, re-use and recycle. It will look into potential options for future waste management facilities and incorporate community feedback on what some of these options might be.

Council wants to better understand how Katherine residents and the business community manage their waste and hear their thoughts on ways to better manage waste over the next ten years.

Recent studies have found our current Waste Management Facility will reach the end of its life span in around five to nine years and it is not possible to expand the current facility.

We currently send a lot of waste to landfill in Katherine, in fact 82 per cent of our waste goes to landfill at the Waste Management Facility. This means only 18 per cent goes to recycling streams.


For more information view our fact sheet here.

Community consultation

True North Strategic Communication is now engaging with the community on behalf of Katherine Town Council to gather feedback about ideas, attitudes and behaviours towards waste management.

Community consultation is open from 13 October to 10 November 2020.

To provide feedback:

  • Visit us at an information display 




Tuesday 20 October


Oasis Shopping Centre

Saturday 24 October


Waste management facility

Tuesday 27 October


Oasis Shopping Centre

Thursday 5 November


Waste management facility