Advertising Tool Kit

Download the below content for use in the Katherine - Live Local, Love Local Campaign. 

Logo Variations

Below are three variations of the campaign logo that can be utilised appropriately across different advertising materials.

Colour Wordmark Logo - To download click here

This logo is best used on a white background. 

White Wordmark Logo  - To download click here

This logo is best for use on coloured backgrounds.

Logo Tag - To download click here

Use this logo on any background in the top left or right-hand corner.

Participating Business Social Media Content

Download and post to your social media feed to advertise that you are a participating business of the campaign

Poster - To download click here

Generic Post - To download click here

Image Frame To download click here

You can choose to add an image in the background of this frame. 

Advertising Online Tips 

To download the toolkit click here.