The Great Spring Clean

Published on Monday, 21 August 2023 at 8:07:56 AM

Katherine River is our town’s most beautiful asset and our citizens most popular walking, riding and fishing venue.
It is also the focus of this year’s Cleanup Australia Days “Great Spring Clean’.
The Katherine Town Council will coordinate the Great Spring Clean, which sees locals devote a few hours of their morning to scouring the riverbank and corridor to remove rubbish ahead of the impending wet season.
Katherine’s own ‘rubbish warrior’ Jenny Duggan, who for decades has taken time out of her busy days to clean Katherine, said:
“Even if people only pick up three pieces of rubbish on the day, no matter where it is, even outside their house, these small beginnings make a difference”.
Last year a band of volunteers who registered for the Cleanup Australia Day activities removed a whopping 360 kilograms of rubbish from the river corridor.
This year volunteers will be rewarded for collecting and handing over a bag of rubbish with a Pop Rocket breakfast voucher for a cuppa and cooked breakfast after the event.
The Great Spring Clean kicks off at 8 am on Sunday the 17th of September. You can register and pick up rubbish bags and gloves from the Council staff set up under the trees at the Pop Rocket Café. The event finishes at 11 am and volunteers are in the running to win movie passes and Top News vouchers.
For media enquiries, please contact Communications and Engagement Officer at or 08 8972 5500.

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