Media Release - Wayfinding Signage in Katherine - 3 February 2022

Published on Thursday, 3 February 2022 at 11:22:33 AM

Katherine Town Council received grant funding from the NT Government Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics to create targeted wayfinding signage. Wayfinding is about finding one’s way and relates to how a person orientates him/herself and navigates through an area or place.


Katherine receives over 200,000 visitors each year. The Wayfinding signage that was recently installed within the Katherine CBD has been designed to provide guidance and reassurance to visitors, who in the milder dry season climate, enjoy Katherine’s many attractions on foot.


Tourism signage is an extremely vital element of any destination’s branding, marketing and visitor information strategies. Signage is critically important to presenting a consistent tourism experience and to retaining and guiding visitors throughout the Town. Signage also provides opportunities to raise awareness of the area’s attractions and features and encourages people to stop and visit.

Tourism signage is made up of two distinct categories of signs:

  • Road signs for motorists: Green Directional Road signs; Brown Tourism signs, Blue Service signs and Fingerboard Signage for Street names.


  • Destination Signage to enhance guidance for visitors can be Promotional Billboards, Shire Entry Statements, Town Entry Statements, Visitor Information Boards (VIBs) and Wayfinding Signage.


Katherine’s Wayfinding signage has been installed to the central business area but has been designed so that in the future it can be expanded further out from the town.

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