Media Release - Katherine Life Highlights Liveability

Published on Wednesday, 10 April 2024 at 11:50:20 AM

Katherine Town Council has launched an innovative online tool that gives new and prospective residents a snapshot of what we love about Katherine.

Katherine Life is a digital one-stop shop where people unearth the snippets of information that paint the picture of living in our region.

The information is structured to help people assess Katherine based on the six common ‘liveability’ indicators common to most people: health services, education services, cost of living, amenity, connections to community and lifestyle and opportunity.

Katherine Town Council CEO, Ingrid Stonhill, said the online tool is designed to provide useful and real information to people considering working and living in Katherine.

“There’s plenty of mainstream and social media commentary about the negative aspects of life in regional towns, like Katherine, but those that live here know there’s a lot more to Katherine than that,” Ms Stonhill said.

“It’s a place you can slow down, immerse yourself in nature, go fishing and camping in some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes, and we often take that for granted until we leave.

“There are plenty of work opportunities, and you can get further up the employment ladder faster in Katherine.

“The community spirit runs deep, and people care about their mates.

“All those things make a town liveable.”

Ms Stonhill said communicating those aspects of life, along with the facts and figures about Katherine’s services, is difficult.

“We’ve overcome that communication challenge by investing in this digital tool that’s easy to use and navigate.”

Katherine Life is created by Orbviz, who also developed Katherine Town Council’s Know Your Council program launched late last year.

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