Council begins community engagement ahead of July by-election

Published on Thursday, 4 May 2023 at 8:25:11 AM

With two seats empty at Katherine Town Council and a by-election set for Saturday July 15, council has released a quiz to get residents engaged in the process.

“There’s always the joke about how long you have lived here and whether you’re a local,” CEO Ingrid Stonhill said. “So we decided to lean into this.”

The quiz, Are you a local or Katherinite? helps residents understand why their vote matters.

“Good governance comes from understanding good democracy and good engagement with the community,” Ms. Stonhill said.

The council had two councillors resign in February this year, relocating elsewhere for personal reasons. Councillor nominations will open for one week from Friday June 16 to Thursday June 22 and council is calling on residents passionate about the Katherine community to put their hand up and be a community voice.

“Local government touches every part of your lifetime,” Ms. Stonhill said. “From birth to death. It is the most important layer of government because it is the closest and most accessible to the community you live in.”

The quiz appeals to residents through humour and encourages them to get into the spirit of democracy and update their details on the electoral role before Tuesday June 20.

As Stonhill points out, being enrolled in your local area provides government with a clearer population figure, which funnels funding for services and community supports in relation to this.

“Everyone should want to contribute to making the surrounds of where they live better for themselves and future generations,” Ms. Stonhill said. “The easiest way to do that is simply to vote in the local government election.”

Do the quiz here.

Update your electoral details here.

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