Council adopts 2023-24 Municipal Plan and Budget

Published on Friday, 30 June 2023 at 1:30:12 PM

Council has adopted the 2023/24 Municipal Plan including budget, long-term financial plan, rates and fees and charges, at a Special Meeting of Council on Thursday 29 June 2023.  This is the first Municipal Plan and Budget aligned to the Katherine Town Council Strategic Plan 2027.

The plan highlights significant projects to be completed, including:

  • Commencement of the Aquatic Centre upgrade planning and consultation,
  • Developing a Reconciliation Action Plan for Katherine Town Council,
  • Creating a Cemetery online search tool via the council website,
  • Improving lighting and safety in Katherine,
  • Continuing the Recycling initiative, including the Tip Shop
  • An electric vehicle (EV) station installation for Katherine,
  • Holding a By-election to fill the two vacant councillor positions, and
  • Upgrading the Civic Centre to meet building code and WHS standards to improve staff and visitor experience.


Katherine residents will see an overall average rate increase of 4.8 per cent. This year saw a re-evaluation of properties in Katherine. Rates provide essential revenue, $8.7 million, to enable council operations.

Mayor Elisabeth Clark said rates ensure residents receive essential services like waste management, road maintenance, and working facilities.

“We’ve kept rates the same as last year’s increase,” she said. “We do try very hard at council to keep costs low. Rates are an essential part of daily life and Katherine wouldn’t be able to function without them. They allow us to have a library service, keep Katherine clean and liveable, and so much more.”

The waste management charge will also see an average increase of 4.8%, raising $1.4 million to meet the costs of garbage collection, recycling and waste disposal services. This charge includes one bin per household. For ratepayers that do not receive a kerbside collection the charge is reduced.

The first instalment of rates is due on September 30. There are four instalments for rate payments. Residents should expect to receive their rate notice in the coming weeks. For those who have registered EZYBill will receive their notices electronically. Ratepayers still have time to sign up before the rates are levied. To register EzyBill Sign in for Katherine Town Council

CEO Ingrid Stonhill is encouraging ratepayers to use the EZYBill service to reduce our paper usage and carbon footprint.

Council’s Fees and Charges, which cover items like dog registrations, were increased by 6.2%, in line with the consumer price index. Council facility hire is in phase 2 of a 3-year plan, however council decided not to increase the Sportsground hire fees due the delay and disruptions with opening of the new Katherine and Big Rivers Community, Sport and Recreation Venue.

The Municipal Plan was passed following a consultation period of 21 days where it was open to public comment.

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