Colourful Art Installation to Reduce Hot Springs Erosion

Published on Friday, 31 May 2024 at 7:53:19 AM

Katherine Town Council has developed a colourful and innovative solution to help prevent erosion at the Hot Springs entry.

Ahead of the impending tourist season, Council will create an outdoor art installation comprising a series of vibrant flag-style banners to line the winding pathway down the river bank to the Hot Springs, discouraging people from short-cutting down the steep grassed hill, creating eroding tracks.

The first set of flags features photos and names of birds native to the area, giving tourists a reason to follow the path and enjoy learning about the local wildlife.

Mayor Lis Clark said local photographers took the bird photos, and they will be occasionally updated to align with new seasons, events and input from the community.

“The flags are interchangeable, so we can use the installation to feature artwork and images by local designers, photographers and artists,” Mayor Clark said. “We also intend to run art competitions in our schools, and elected members will choose winning entries to feature on flags.

“This helps us showcase Katherine’s artistic talent while giving us a more attractive option than a solid fence to keep people on the walkway to prevent erosion.”

The installation also incorporates a new shaded seat on the first landing.

Council determined that the flags were a preferred option to a solid fence, which would be less attractive and potentially less effective.

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