$120,000 for Round 4 myKatherine shopping vouchers

Published on Monday, 4 April 2022 at 3:11:39 PM

More funds have been added to myKatherine, pushing it into round four of the successful voucher program.

$120,000 was added to the available funds on the website, which needs to be spent by June 30.

The program is available to everyone, whether they are a resident or visitor, and aims to keep money flowing for local businesses. This helps to keep business viable in a regional town like Katherine as well as keep the CBD vibrant and busy with people.

"I think the business community is very happy with that we’re continuing with this round, because until we know what kind of tourist season we will have, it increases the expenditure for Katherine businesses," Katherine mayor Lis Clark said.

For this round, the Northern Territory government put in $80,000, Katherine Town Council put in $40,000, and the City of Darwin provided use of their platform as they have a similar program with myDarwin.

The program works by giving increasing discounts for purchases at local food, retail, hospitality, and tourism businesses in Katherine. For example, if a customer spends $10 they get $2.50 off, or if they spend $80 or more, they get $20 off. The customer shows the retailer their unique voucher code and the money will be discounted immediately. Businesses get their funds back through Council. Vouchers take 24hours to renew and the program goes until all funds are spent.

myKatherine keeps local small businesses running, which in turn keeps Katherine vibrant and alive.

Go to myKatherine.com to register and find out more about the program.

Image: Beagle Motor Inn is participating in the myKatherine voucher program. Show your voucher to get a discount on your stay!

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