Where the outback meets the tropics: Katherine

Sabu SingKatherine is the fourth largest settlement in the Northern Territory, about a three-hour drive south-east of Darwin. 

We have a sub-tropical climate. For six-to-eight months of the year (April-October) we enjoy a dry season, which means hot days and cool nights with hardly any rain. For the rest of the year, about four-to-six months (November-March), is our intense wet season, with steamy hot days relieved by thunderous storms in the evening, the water filling our local rivers and waterholes.

Katherine is often called the Crossroads of the North as it is located on the junction of the Stuart Highway and the Victoria Highway. To get from Darwin to Western Australia, you have to go through Katherine, and similarly if you're going from Alice Springs to WA or Darwin, you have to go through Katherine.

Around 8,000 people live in the Katherine municipality. The local RAAF Airbase at the Katherine suburb of Tindal, adds 2,000 to this figure, making it a total of about 10,000 people living and working in Katherine.

Despite having a relatively small population and being rather remotes ourselves, we are the central hub for the surrounding areas, providing services to communities from the WA border to the Gulf of the NT. 

We have a modern shopping complex, tourist information centre, boutique shops, a cinema, modern motels, hotels, restaurants and plenty of cafés.

The town is a central base for all the major government providers including a modern hospital and air medical service, two high schools and five primary schools as well as the Katherine School of the Air, also known as the World's Largest Classroom.

The Katherine Town Council operates two large sport and recreation facilities, the Katherine Sportsgrounds and Aquatic Centre and the Katherine Showgrounds Complex that are the focus area for a wide variety of sports activities all year round.