Speed signs installed near Katherine schools

Published on Wednesday, 1 February 2023 at 9:52:24 AM

Photo: Katherine Town Council Mayor Lis Clark stands next to one of the new solar-powered speed signs on Grevillea Street in Katherine East.

School is back and motorists around MacFarlane Primary School and Katherine High School will be reminded of safe speeds with Katherine Town Council’s two new speed radar signs.

The solar-powered signs have been installed at both ends of Grevillea Street in Katherine East. They show a green smiley face when a motorist slows to 40km or below and a red frown face when a motorist is over.

“This will improve safety for our students and pedestrians,” Mayor Lis Clark said. “They encourage behaviour change and a small change in speed can make a big difference.”

Councils have installed similar signs around the country with positive data showing a marked reduction in speeding. Brisbane City Council in Queensland reported the majority of motorists reduced their speed limit within the legal limit before passing the sign.

The signs are a response to a request from MacFarlane Primary School in October last year. Council determined this was an appropriate addition to their traffic management system and within budget, the two signs and installation costing $16,940.

“It’s a worthy investment that will provide safety in the area for many years.” Ms. Clark said. 

The school zone is 40km/h Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm.

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