*Photo: Councillor Kerrie Mott absent

Ordinary Meetings of Council

Ordinary Meetings of Council are held once a month, on the fourth Tuesday at 12pm. If there is an upcoming meeting it will be listed at the bottom of the page. The agenda is available the Thursday prior to the meeting and can be viewed online (click on the meeting below if available) or a copy can be picked up from the Civic Centre. 

How council meetings work


Questions relating to the agenda, that you would like addressed, can be submitted via email at records@ktc.nt.gov.au, over the phone at 8972 5500, in person at the Civic Centre, or through an electronic submission below.

Please submit your question/s pertaining to the current Ordinary Meeting of Council agenda below. These will be responded to in full and in a public setting.

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View previous meetings: agenda and minutes