Media Release - Have you seen the Caltrop Weed - 6 January 2021

Published on Wednesday, 6 January 2021 at 10:41:59 AM

Have you seen the Caltrop Weed?

Scientific name: Tribulus cistoides / Tribulus terrestris

Declaration Status: Class B (growth and spread to be prevented) and Class C (not to be introduced to the Territory) weed, in accordance with the Weeds Management Act 2001.

Caltrop is originally from southern Europe and northern Africa; Caltrop is a matt forming annual herb with yellow flowers and spiny hard fruit. Caltrop is a nuisance weed of wasteland, pastoral land, cropping, vineyards and recreations areas, with spiny fruit causing injury to humans, pets and animals. The spiny hard fruit pierces skin, bike tires and even feet through shoes with thin soles.

Council has measures in place to control and eradicate the weed. If you see the Caltrop weed in Council controlled areas, please report your sightings by contacting Council on (08) 89 72 5500 or alternatively submit a service request here

If you think you may have the Caltrop weed on your property or you wish to find out more information about the Caltrop weed please click here

Council appreciates your assistance. 

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