Guidelines for the installation of plaques on the Katherine Memorial Wall

Published on Tuesday, 5 September 2023 at 4:31:30 PM

Wall Memorial 2023

Katherine Town Council recognises the importance of memorials in celebrating our region’s history, culture, environment, people organisations and events.

In order to manage requests for a memorial mention on the Katherine Memorial Wall, council assesses requests based on the significance of the person, group, or event to the community.

These guidelines are intended to provide information to assist prospective applicants to determine whether they should proceed, and how to proceed, with an application to seek approval to a plaque on the Katherine Memorial Wall.

Selection Process:

A written letter must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer of Katherine Town Council requesting permission for the installation of a plaque, and clearly outlining the reasons why it should be considered.

Applications must clearly demonstrate, in detail, their conformance with one or more of the below criteria. The application must also contain a draft of the wording or inscription on the plaque. Each request will be assessed individually for its merit and final approval will be at the discretion of Council. No duplicate plaques will be permitted.

Applications will need to satisfy the following criteria in order to be successful:


Memorials which may be allowed:

  • Commemorate a person or group that has made a highly significant contribution to the cultural, political, or social development of the community.
  • Commemorate an important anniversary or event which is recognised by the community as being highly significant to the history or development of the community.
  • Commemorate a historical or other culturally significant event recognised by the community as being significant and contributes to the cultural heritage of a particular site of area within the community.

Approval of the memorial application is dependent on the subject of the memorial demonstrating a significant contribution to the history, culture, or social development of the community.

No plaques are to be erected on the Katherine Memorial Wall without Council approval.


The inscription plaque shall be 225mm x 155mm and be made of marine grade stainless steel 3mm thick. Consideration for larger plaques will be at the discretion of Council. Council reserves the right to reject the wording on plaques if it is considered that such wording is inappropriate, offensive, or inaccurate.

The donor of the plaque must organise the manufacture of the plaque and meet all associated costs. Once manufactured, the plaque should be delivered to Council, who will arrange for its installation.

All care will be taken to maintain and care for the wall, but if the wall is vandalised or damaged, no responsibility will be taken for damage to plaques. The donor of the plaque will be notified of the damage. It is the donor’s responsibility to repair or purchase another plaque.

Council bears no responsibility for the maintenance of the plaques, except to the extent of its general obligation in relation to maintenance of its property and improvements thereon.

If the plaques are stolen, replacement will be at the expenses of the original donor.

The Guidelines were authorised at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 22 August 2023.

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