Media Release - Relocation of Katherine Locomotive

Published on Friday, 27 November 2020 at 1:51:19 PM

Relocation works the Katherine Locomotive will commence at 8:00am, Sunday 29 November 2020 and will be carried out for up to eight (8) hours. The Locomotive’s final destination will be at the old Railway Station, located on Railway Terrace along with the first carriage. The second carriage with be relocated to the Katherine Museum and the chassis, currently located at the Railway Station will be removed and stored at an offsite storage location.

Katherine Town Council is pleased to support the finalisation of the Relocation of the Katherine Locomotive Project from Ryan Park to the old Railway Station. This will provide better opportunity for Community Members to learn more about the history of the locomotive and to compliment the beautification of the CBD project.

“On Sunday 29th November we will be fulfilling the wishes of the late and sorely missed Trevor Horman who was the then Chair of Friends of the North Australia Railway. Trevor was instrumental in acquiring the grants to relocate and restore the 1896 Steam Engine back to its original resting place in front of the 1926 Railway. Katherine Town Council, National Trust Katherine Branch and Friends of the North Australia Railway have collectively worked together to achieve this move. The 1896 Steam Train will be given a fresh coat of paint and restoration work will be carried out to make the train safe for public access. The Train will become a part of the Old Railway Museum Precinct and it is hoped to attract more visitation from visitors and locals. This project is only possible through the support of a Heritage Grant and Community Benefit Fund Grant from the Northern Territory Government” said Friends of North Australia Railway (Tim Dixon) and National Trust Katherine Branch (Katrina Lucas).

Council would like to thank the following parties for their assistance in this project; Heritage Grant and Community Benefit Fund Grant ( NT Government), Friends of North Australia Railway, National Trust Katherine Branch, Slingshot Haulage Pty Ltd , AM Cranes, Swan Traffic Management, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and the Katherine Museum. We ask the community to please adhere to traffic controls and conditions during the relocation.



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