Waste Facility Timeline Extended

Published on Thursday, 4 August 2022 at 9:28:00 AM

Previous timeline projections on the end date for the closure of our current waste facility site have been adjusted from five to 12 years. This update comes after modelling was carried out of the site, which calculated more accurately how much space is left.

But this good news hinges on the Katherine community being more conscientious about how we deal with our rubbish. The more people throw out, the more that timeline reduces and the sooner ratepayers are having to deal with the multi-million dollar problem of building a new site.

There are hopes that by the time it comes to close our site and find a new one, recycling practices and a circular economy will have advanced enough that a new site may not even be required! If we can avoid creating waste in the first place by giving items a new life and stop buying fast-fashion, this future is possible.

Katherine Town Council, together with other Big Rivers Regional Councils, are working with the NT Government on a feasibility study that would see a purpose built recycling facility functioning by late 2024. But for now, this news allows us more time and to meet our environmental responsibilities in making our current waste management site more environmentally friendly to its surrounding area.

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