Mayoral Update

Published on Tuesday, 7 February 2023 at 11:16:07 AM

  • Council is looking for volunteers who would like to be a part of the Centenary of Katherine committee.  Katherine turns 100 years old as a town on July 1, 2026.  If you are interested then fill out the form on our website.  The application is open until this Friday 10th February.
  • Two of our Elected Members, Deputy Mayor Kym Henderson and Councillor Ben Herdon have resigned from Council for personal reasons. Both Councillors are moving interstate. The other Elected Members and I would like to thank both Councillors for their commitment and support and wish them both well in their future endeavours. There will be a by-Election in the future so watch this space for the details.
  • These last few months have been very difficult for our community with breaks ins on a regular basis, many having more than one. Domestic violence as well as overcrowding in houses are also on the rise. Council has had breaks ins to its facilities on a regular basis and it is not sustainable for anyone to continually fix things that are destroyed. I promise you that we have been working very hard behind the scenes to come up with ideas on what can be done. I have provided interviews for a number of media outlets, spoken to government officials and members of the community including business owners and community leaders.

I recently asked the Territory's Chief Minister Natasha Fyles, when she was in Canberra, to make sure that Katherine does not miss out on anything. I don’t believe only Alice Springs should be recognised and given funding, as all of us in the Territory are suffering in this rise of anti-social behaviour. There is not an easy fix and there are many facets on what we need to be doing. The community needs to work together by reporting when you see something happening, and protecting yourself as much as you can in the way of locking up your house and valuables. If you have a break in, please notify the police and ask for a case number. This number is important so that you can make a claim from Victims of Crime. Victims of Crime can assess your house and give free advice on how to secure your building.

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