Katherine Town Council Offers Support to Katherine Businesses

Published: Friday, 29 May 2020 at 4:10:10 PM

Katherine Town Council recognises the large financial impact COVID-19 has had on Katherine businesses. In response to this Elected Members endorsed the Special Assistance and Local Employment (SCALE) grant, provided by the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development at the May Ordinary Meeting of Council.


Council is offering a rates concession to commercial property owners/tenants who run a commercial business from the property. Grants are also available to rural and residential property owners/tenants who operate a business from a private residence. To be eligible for the rates concession or grant, applicants must meet the criteria as specified in the application process.

The options for the eligible rate concession and grant applicants are as below;

  • A grant reimbursement of one (1) instalment of rates paid for 2019-20; or
  • A waiver for one (1) installment of rates owing for 2019-20; or
  • A waiver of one (1) installment of rates for 2020-21

In addition, for all qualifying allotments, the Council will grant a deferment of the obligation to pay rates declared for 2020-2021 until 1 January 2021


In addition, Council is offering the COVID-19 Recovery and Reopening Grant to businesses and not-for-profit organisations to assist with reopening and recovery measures, that provide for employment opportunities for Katherine locals. This one-off grant (up to $5000) may include mowing, slashing, cleaning or other activities and services that are necessary for the business to reopen, remain open and/or to recover. The COVID-19 Reopening and Recovery Grant closes 31 August 2020.


Applications for both the rates concession/grant and the COVID-19 Reopening and Recovery Grant can be found on the Katherine Town Councils website, obtained through the Civic Centre or requested via email (records@ktc.nt.gov.au). Please refer to the COVID-19 Rates Concession/Grant Flowchart to assist with identifying the rates form that best relates to your situation. Forms can be submitted through Council's website, email (records@ktc.nt.gov.au) or directly through the Civic Centre.


To be eligible for either of the above concession or grants, businesses must be assessed as eligible for the JobKeeper Program or Business Hardship Package. This is assessed and obtained through the Department of Business Trade and Innovation. More information on this can be found on their website.


Katherine Town Council is continuing to explore ways to support the Katherine Community during this hard time both financially and mentally. If you have any questions regarding the concession and grants, please do not hesitate to contact Katherine Town Council.



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