Katherine Town Council has adopted its Municipal Plan and Budget for 2021-2022

Published on Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 9:04:23 AM

The Draft Plan and Budget were released to the community for feedback with over 28 days of consultation. Council considered a number of public submissions which also added great value into the final plan and budget that was adopted for the Katherine community.

Mayor Elisabeth Clark advised the 2021/22 Municipal plan and budget provides a number of important activities and projects for the Katherine community. The plan strikes a balance between outcomes for the community with an acceptable level of revenue increase.

“Our community is the centre of the Council’s attention and this year we look forward to delivering an array of exciting projects across the Katherine community” she said.
The Municipal Plan and Budget ensures that Council continues to deliver and build on services to the community and invest in the ongoing renewal of the $119 million of community infrastructure assets.

The 2021/22 Municipal Plan highlights include:

  • $1.4 million will be spent on roads, foot paving and stormwater
  • Emungalan bridge completed at an approximate cost of $4.0 million
  • $1 million is allocated to the development of a new Waste management facility
  • $40,000 for the community grants program
  • A recreation strategy and master planning exercise will be undertaken
  • The sports ground pavilion upgrade project is continuing
  • The visitors information centre is projecting a doubling of revenue
  • Council continues its long and rewarding relationship with the Katherine Museum
  • Council continues to support the Arts sector through the “Katherine Prize”
  • Council will increase the digitisation of services to enhance our customer services
  • The Snap, send and solve application will be promoted as Council’s primary tool to aid customer requests
  • Council will encompass the introduction of new governance arrangements through new local government legislation which commences on the 1st July 2021
  • Council will undertake a Strategic Plan for the community
  • A review of rating methodologies and fee and charge documentation will be undertaken during the financial year
  • A rates increase of 4.9% will be levied to fund the range of initiatives in this plan. This has decreased from early Council modelling of 7.2% due to previously unbudgeted
  • PFAS revenue and SCALE funding.
  • A youth advisory council will continue to be developed during the year to encompass youth issues within the community and councils planning
  • Council is developing strong work placement programs with the local high schools to assist with future career opportunities and showcase the benefits of the local government industry as an employer of choice

The Municipal Plan and Budget is available to view at Council’s website, www.Katherine.nt.gov.au

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