Draft Municipal Plan released

Published on Monday, 6 June 2022 at 3:35:00 PM

In my opinion...

Council CEO Ingrid Stonhill

Council CEO Ingrid Stonhill

Executive Statement from the 2022-23 Municipal Plan:

Since I began at Katherine Town Council in February, my observation is there still exists within Katherine and the Big Rivers region a high level of uncertainty around the role of local government and the role of locally elected councillors. 

This is by no means limited to our community, as research shows since the 1990s that local governments across Australia have been undergoing a process of reform.  The main stated objective has been to strengthen local democracy and make local governments more effective and efficient in order to ensure their financial sustainability and their ongoing capacity to provide services to the community.

Processing change can be uncomfortable but change is coming to Katherine Town Council to strengthen our financial sustainability and capacity to provide services in our projected fast growing development stage.

Local government is ever-present in residents’ lives.  At Katherine Town Council we employ over 60 staff who participate in the Katherine community. Staff live here, work here, and see their families grow up here. Decisions that Council make impact staff as much as everyone else in community. 

Our staff provide vital services that allow residents to live comfortably here. These include waste collection, keeping our town tidy and maintained, and providing facilities that allow residents to recreate and enjoy time in the community such as our sports fields, show grounds, aquatic centre, local hot springs and many community events.

Since commencing I have identified many challenges that exist within and for Council.  I am working with our team towards getting Council up to date with policies and procedures, ensuring we are compliant with regulations and providing responsible leadership and expenditure.  

Planning a way forward for Council in partnership with community has been a key priority for elected members.  It is an essential part of business, understanding what we are working towards and why.  

Our strategic plan is currently being developed and will provide a blueprint for the next 15 years, allowing for the planning and implementation of important projects.  In future our strategic plan and municipality will be aligned to ensure ease of understanding of what we are working towards.

As a first step we have addressed our values, mission, and vision statements.  They have been refreshed as will our organisation as a whole.

We acknowledge our past as we journey into the future.

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