Council asks residents to help tidy memorials

Published on Wednesday, 26 October 2022 at 4:11:00 PM

Katherine Town Council has an updated policy for tributes at the Katherine Memorial Cemetery and is asking residents to tidy the resting places of their loved ones before Friday November 18.

“We need to do this fairly and with respect,” Chief Executive Officer Ingrid Stonhill said. “The resting site of our loved ones is a sensitive matter and we want people to place tributes while being respectful of their neighbours.”

Council’s updated Flower and Ornament Guidelines outlines what tributes are not allowed. On Friday November 18, Council staff will respectfully remove tributes that do not meet these guidelines and hold them for 28 days.

The clean-up has been extended by three weeks to this date to ensure the public gets enough notice. Council will also continue to reach out to people where it can.

Encroaching tributes is a concern for Council and the guidelines state tributes are allowed only on the concrete plinth. They should not infringe on other gravesites and should not be taller than 45cm. No items should stop the lawn from growing or obstruct maintenance of the area.

“We have limited space at the cemetery,” Stonhill said. “We have this process to be fair for everyone.”

Breakable items such as glass or porcelain are not allowed, nor are items like stones, pebbles, and pavers as they pose a risk if stood on. Fragile decorations that can easily break such as wind chimes and flags should be removed. Perishable toys and decorative fencing such as arches, shelves, and metal spikes are also not allowed. Anything that poses a fire risk will be removed.

Council provides free non-breakable containers for floral tributes at the rear of the rotunda at the cemetery. There are also vases built into the monumental work. Unauthorised planting of flora is not allowed and will be removed.

Council encourages residents to call Council on 8972 5500 if they have any questions. The Flower and Ornament Guidelines can be viewed here.

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