Online Form - EOI - Stallholders - Carols By Candelight

If you prefer a hard-copy form, please download it here.


Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB
  • Please note that the sale of alcohol is prohibited. 
  • All commercial food operators will be required to display their certificate during the event.
Stall site sizes are 3m x 3m, do you require more space for your stall?: *

Please note it is the stallholder's responsibility to supply all equipment for stalls eg. Marquee, tables, chairs, etc.

Do you require power?
If power is required, please specify the type of outlet:

It is the stallholders responsibility to supply all necessary power cords and extension leads. All leads must be identified as current TAGGED & TESTED. All cords and trip hazards must be taped down or appropriately signed.

Do you require access to running water?
Do you have your current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10,000,000)?
Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB


1. Selections of Groups - Performers
All Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be evaluated using the following criteria:
• Locality of performance (preference will be given to those that reside within the Katherine Community)
• New acts to the Katherine Town Council Carols by Candlelight
• Variety of performances
• Relevance to the event
• Compliance at previous events

2. Backing Music / Sound Check - Performers
If you are not using the house band to back your performance and you require music tracks. you are to compile all tracks onto a USB and submit this to the Katherine Town Council Carols by Candlelight Committee, no later than two weeks prior to the event.
Sound check will be undertaken on the day of Carols. Times will be confirmed around 2 weeks prior to the event.

3. Stallholders
It is the stallholders responsibility to provide all equipment for stalls. This includes but is not limited to Marquess, tables, chairs, power cords (access to power must be requested on the Expression of Interest Stall Holder form).

4. Single Use Plastic
Katherine Town Council is comitted to reducing the waste that is produced and improving the environmental impact by going plastic free at Council facilities, leases, hires and events. Council has developed a Single Use Plastic Toolkit which can be found on our website

5. First Aid
St John’s Ambulance will be in attendance at this event to provide first aid services. All accidents and incidents must also be reported to a Katherine Town Council Staff member during the event.

6. Smoking Policy
The Katherine Town Council Carols by Candlelight will be a smoke-free event. Smoking is only permitted in the designated Smoking area.

7. Alcohol and Drug Policy
All those in attendance shall not consume, use, be under the influence of or have in their possession any alcohol or illegal drugs anywhere within the Katherine Town Council Carols by Candlelight event site. Those that do will be asked to leave immediately. Security will be present at this event.

8. Weather
In the event of wet weather, the event will continue operating, providing it is safe to do so. The event may be cancelled and the event site closed by the Event Coordinator, if the weather becomes dangerous and it is no longer safe to operate.

9. Marketing & Promotion
Katherine Town Council may use photographs/details in Carols by Candlelight marketing and promotional campaigns in the future. If you do not wish for your photographs/details to be used in the future, please advise in writing to Please provide a copy of your logo(if applicable).

10. Cancellation Policy
The Katherine Town Council reserves the right to cancel the event at any time.

11. Privacy Act Statement
The Katherine Town Council uses the information provided by you in your submitted EOI for the primary purpose of processing, assessing and determining the occupancy of space at the 2021 Katherine Town Council Carols by Candlelight. Any information given pursuant to the documents lodged could be deemed personal information and accordingly is governed by Privacy Legislation. Any information lodged with the Katherine Town Council will remain confidential always, except for disclosure which you may have consented to or which is otherwise required by law.

I have read and agree to comply with Katherine Town Council's Carols by Candlelight Terms and Conditions outlined above.