Communications and Engagement Officer

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Date Added: 26-May-2023
Closing Date: 24-Jun-2023 12:00 AM

$77,300 - $85,600

This position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. The position is responsible for maintaining and further developing Council’s online presence and communications to improve our digital offering and to become more proactive and responsive to our community’s needs. This position is also responsible for leading our online community engagement strategies and initiatives, engaging with stakeholders, and representing Council in various external initiatives.  

The purpose of this position is to improve Katherine Town Council’s public image, publicised activities and enhanced community understanding of Council’s role, services and achievements through effective communications and public relations materials/methods. This position contribution to communication and public relations activities and improves customer services and organisational effectiveness.  

Job Benefits:

  1. 6 weeks annual leave p.a
  2. 3 weeks sick leave p.a
  3. Above award entitlements

Key Requirements:

  • Experience in marketing, communications and/or public relations
  • Experience in online digital marketing strategies
  •  Ability to do minor graphic design projects through specialised programs
  • System administrator knowledge of back-end website functions and management
  •  High Level customer service experience;
  • Experience in positively engaging a team environment;
  • Ability to understand various legislations, statutory obligation and Council policies in order to make informed decisions;
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to deliver good outcomes;
  • Extensive knowledge and skill gained through on-the-job training;
  • High level competency using various information systems and online platforms
  • Minimum experience of 2 years in similar or related role.

Job Responsibility:

  1. Build and maintain strong, empowering relationships with all internal and external stakeholders by cooperatively working in teams as necessary and providing effective marketing and communication services. 
  2. Develop and implement integrated marketing, communication and consultation strategies and plans for Council in order to improve and enhance community relations, understanding and awareness of the role and activities of the Katherine Town Council 
  3. Lead external engagement initiatives, develop and advertise online advertising and promotional materials  
  4. Prepare communications materials and media releases (including print, online and audio-visual materials, advertisements and other marketing collateral) and consult with relevant executives and/or stakeholders to ensure the desired outcomes and consistent messaging is achieved, this includes the design and production of internal documents and resources. 
  5. Work with Council Managers to develop engagement materials including discussion papers, presentations, invitations, speeches and other content for various audiences 
  6. Manage the Council’s publicity material and digital presence (social media, website, newsletter) by sourcing digital content and encouraging increased engagement by the community and ensuring the latest communications, information and updated documents are available via online sources  
  7. Have awareness and ensure compliance with corporate standards, legislative and statutory requirements as well as web standards and guidelines for information relevant to the accessibility and responsiveness of Council. 
  8. Assist with translating ideas and concepts into proactive marketing campaigns and engaging content that supports Council’s strategic direction and delivery of services to the Community. 
  9. Track and monitor engagement performance using analytics and other tracking tools and provide analysis and monthly reports on usage and functionality. Make recommendations to improve engagement outcomes. 
  10. Stay current on all social media developments and best practices by exploring and researching appropriate online technologies and implementing social media tools that will better enhance our relationship with the community. 
  11. Participate in establishing, developing and monitoring budgets for communication avenues by presenting option, pricing and recommendation to Executives as required  
  12. Other responsibilities as shall be reasonably associated with or incidental to the above responsibilities or as shall, in the course of the employment, be agreed between the parties as being or forming part of the duties. 

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*All applicants must be available to undertake a police clearance check

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