Pine Creek Art Prize and Goldrush Festival 2018

Updated: 18-May-2018 04:47 PM

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June 1 and June 2        

Art Prize – Friday the 1st of June at 6pm

Goldrush Festival – Saturday June 2  Pine Creek Station Masters House & Pine Creek Miners  Park   

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Our Annual Festival takes place in the historic  Gold Mining town of Pine Creek, located  200kms from Darwin. This  festival celebrates the town's  connection  to its Goldrush heritage  and continues  to be a great delight  for generations  of people.

The weekend  kicks off with Friday Nights Art and Photography Prize Night.  This encourages  to show there  skills in all genres. Enabling all cultures  to engage and represent  there  dynamics.  All ages, all

cultures, all people  facilitating community through  art. Great night! Great Prizes! The event is held in the heritage  listed Station Masters House at the National Trust Railway Precinct, also allowing  the event to showcase another  important part of Pine Creeks history, The Railway.

Saturday encompasses a myriad  of entertainment and activities featuring the main event, Pine Creek NT Goldpanning Championships, with over 100 people entering.  After a series of heats throughout the day, for all ages, the final is put  together  from  winners  of each heat and a grand champion  is awarded  $500.00.

Other activities  on the day include:

Stake your  claim, Goldrush  2017 had over 350 stakes purchased and after  positioning your stake in a prescribed  area,  you could be the winner of a Gold Nugget!

Practice Panning  is a great opportunity for people  to try there hand at an age old activity  and with a bit of luck, find the Gold!

Damper Making is always popular  with  approx. 20 entrants  each year. Flour,  water, salt and syrup are supplied  for the chance to win a Camp oven!

The Chung Wah Dance Troupe  attend  and perform, thus bringing the ever important representation of Chinese Heritage that formed Pine Creek during the Goldrush  of the 1800's.

Katherine Vintage Car Club also attends and display a great array of cars allowing the past to join the present.

local food and market  stalls are also present giving a great opportunity for locals to promote and display there community wares.