NEW TERRITORY Forum Katherine Youth Justice Reinvestment (KYJR)

Updated: 09-May-2018 09:39 AM

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Date: Friday 11th May 2018
8:30am — 4:30pm Registration from 8:00am
NT Leaders in the Justice Reinvest-ment movement come together to build relationships, share information and expertise, and to commence co-design of Youth Justice in the Kathe-rine Region .
OUTCOME: 2018—2023 Strategy. NT Government Reinvests 50% savings from 10% Reduction in Youth Deten-tion back into the community , providing a vibrant exciting future for our Young People.
Leading researchers and key thinkers share their innovative strategies to implement a Youth Justice Reinvestment.

Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Art and Culture Centre
Presenters and Guest Speakers:
Hon Dale Wakefield
Youth Member (MC)
Andy Kenyon
NT Law Society
Charles Darwin University Jared Sharp Christine Sutherland Nikki Lovell
Dr Jillian Guthrie
Nicole Mekler
KYJR Members
NT Legal Aid Commission (Chair), NAAJA Australian Red Cross, YMCA, Wurli-Wurlinhajng Health Serivces, Anglicare NT, Jesuit Social Services, etc.