Conversations Through Clay

Updated: 10-Apr-2018 04:27 PM

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Conversations Through Clay aims to be a space of mutual learning and exchange through the tactile medium of clay. In the first two workshop sessions Holly will guide participants through hand forming techniques that she employs in her art practice, including pinching and coiling.  Participants will be encouraged to work in conversation with clay by exploring and responding to its plastic qualities. The third and final workshop session will focus on surface decoration techniques, including working with under glazes, ceramic stains and ceramic pencils.  Participants will be encouraged to approach their pinched and coiled clay forms as canvases, further exploring material and form with colour and line. The workshop will cater to students with all levels of experience with clay.

$120 for the 3 workshops

Katherine Regional Arts Studio,

19 Second Street, downstairs (enter from O’Shea Terrace)

Katherine NT 0850     Lillian Tait – 0450 616 810 –   Katherine Regional Arts Facebook