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Riverlink Trail Repairs

posted 16-Jul-2018

Recent riverbank erosion has caused significant damage to a section of the Riverlink Trail, that forced Council to close off a section of trail on the northern side of the river. An orange barrier mesh has been in place at either side of the affected area since the path became accessible again, which has been regularly checked at least on a weekly basis. Council recognises the Riverlink Trail is an important asset to the community, ensuring lifestyle and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, linking people with the much loved Katherine River.

“Due to the extent of the erosion and estimated cost involved, unfortunately it is unlikely that Council will be able to restore it back in the exact same location as it currently runs right along the river’s edge” said Mr Jamie Craven, Executive Manager – Infrastructure & Environment at Katherine Town Concil.

“As a temporary measure, Council has plans to create a detour track around the affected area, using existing fire break trails where possible, in order to reinstate a safe continuous path from the Low Level to High Level bridge. Council aims to have this completed within the next couple of months but this will be subject to obtaining all necessary development and clearing approvals.  We are also already seeking engineering advice as to the best long term sustainable alignment for the path,” said Mr Craven

Council will focus on a solution that ensures continued enjoyment. Council aims to involve the community in the consultation to ensure a practical, sustainable and beneficial solution is identified for all to enjoy. Initial plans include conducting community user surveys to identify usage patterns and determine popular footpath areas along the Riverlink Trail.