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Proposed Road Opening and Closure

posted 01-Oct-2018

Katherine Town Council proposes to realign the existing gazetted McAdam Road corridor passing through NT Portion 5802 by means of closing and opening sections under Part 12.3 Sections 185(2) and 187 of the Local Government Act. The purpose of the new alignment is to create a sweeping bend that is more conducive to the travel paths of articulated vehicles that will be utilising the road.

In accordance with Local Government (Administration) Regulations, Katherine Town Council invites any person who may object to lodge a written objection to the proposal within 28 days from the date of this notice.

Postal Address:       PO Box 1071 Katherine, NT 0851


This notice is also available for inspection by interested members of the public at the Council’s public office, Civic Centre, Lot 1865 Stuart Highway, Katherine NT 0850.

The council will consider any written objection lodged in accordance with this invitation.