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Ministerial adviser in town on Waste Collaboration Agenda

posted 22-Jun-2018

Katherine Town Council plays an important role in waste management in the Big Rivers Region as it hosts the Big Rivers Waste Management Coordinator, Mrs. Janna Poortinga. Mrs. Poortinga is the coordinator of the Big Rivers Region Waste Management Working Group, which is a collaboration between the four Councils in the Region (Katherine Town Council and Roper Gulf, Victoria Daly and West Daly Regional Councils), the Department of Health, Local Government Association of the Northern Territory, Department of Housing and Community Development, NT Environment Protection Authority and NT Worksafe. This group is tackling the difficult task of responsible waste management in remote communities in the Northern Territory.

The Big Rivers Waste Management Coordinator, a position funded by the Department of Health, held a presentation yesterday to update the group on their joint projects in dealing with waste challenges. The group’s success has gained political interest as Peter Holt, Ministerial Adviser for Local Government and Community Development travelled to Katherine to join the audience.

Mrs Poortinga said about the presentation, “I am so impressed with the outcomes we have achieved already with the Big Rivers Region Waste Management Working Group. The excellent communication and collaboration skills of the Councils and all other parties involved transform waste management challenges that are deemed impossible into opportunities. We share our skills, knowledge and resources to create a safer and healthier environment in remote communities and I couldn’t be prouder of that.”

During the meeting Peter Holt confirmed the Minister’s interest in waste and is keen to see a continuation of the collaborative achievements by the group.