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Media Release - Pool update

posted 24-Nov-2017

Water testing confirms KTC Aquatic Centre is below recreational guidelines and preparations are being made to reopen the pool to the community at 6.00am, Thursday 16 November.


As a result of water testing conducted on 28 September 2017 at the Katherine YMCA Pool, that returned a result for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) above the national recreational water quality guideline of 0.7 micrograms/L, the Katherine Town Council acted immediately to limit further community exposure to PFAS and temporarily closed the facility. This action was further supported by follow-up testing on the 11 October, with PFAS levels remaining at the 0.7 micrograms/L limit.


Following the closure, Council worked with the Department of Defence and their lead consultant (Coffey) to identify a management plan that addressed the issue. This plan included; draining approx. 75% of the water in the pool and refilling it with approximately 900,000L of town water, draining and cleaning the balance tank and paddling pool, and completely replacing the media in the filtration system. These actions were then implemented over a two-week period with follow-up water testing occurring on 7 November 2017. This testing confirmed that the PFAS concentration in the pool is below recreational levels, with a reading of 0.27 micrograms/L.


Katherine Town Council is introducing measures to ensure that users of the pool facilities are not exposed to levels of PFAS exceeding recreational standards. The pool will no longer be filled using untreated bore water. Instead approximately 3kL/day of town water will be sourced to maintain water levels in the pool. This accounts for less than 0.1% of Katherine’s average daily water use and is not expected to affect other users. Pool water sampling will occur fortnightly to build baseline data and ensure that the water quality remains within recreational limits.


For more information contact CEO Robert Jennings:

P: 08 8972 5500

F: 08 8971 0305