Media Release: Civic Centre Tree Removal and Replanting

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Media Release: Civic Centre Tree Removal and Replanting

posted 02-Aug-2019

Civic Centre Tree Removal and Replanting

As determined at the July Ordinary Meeting of Council, Katherine Town Council will commence the staged removal of trees from the Civic Centre Lawns on Tuesday 6 August.

After assessment by a qualified arborist it was determined that 55 trees must be removed to ensure the safety of the facility users and the general public.

The trees identified for removal have all incurred damage through termites, a recent corella infestation, as well as a poor wet season which has caused the trees to dry out, further increasing the risk of falling branches and in turn compromising safety.

"It is with the greatest of reluctance that this decision has had to be made however there is no question but to make the safety of our community the number one priority” Mayor Miller said.

Katherine Town Council have decided to remove trees in four (4) stages, starting with those located in the highest risk areas. Stage One (1) will commence Tuesday 6 August and will see the removal of 16 trees.  

The tree removal process will be complimented with a tree replanting program. Katherine Town Council staff are working closely with appropriately qualified arborists and horticulturist to ensure the replacement trees are appropriate for the area and conditions whilst also restoring the shade coverage provided by the existing trees.