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Media Release - Asbestos Identification

posted 24-Nov-2017

While performing a routine inspection of stormwater outflow pipes, along a Giles Street section of the riverbank, Council employees identified construction material potentially containing asbestos. Following the discovery, Council immediately had samples of the material sent for testing, NT WorkSafe were notified and the site was closed off.

The results of the testing have confirmed that the material contains asbestos and Council are working with the regulatory authorities to ensure that the site is cleaned up in a safe and timely manner.

Although this specific site has been identified and contained, Council is now working to better understand the scope of the problem in the river corridor. The safety of the community is our number one concern and heavy use areas are being surveyed for asbestos containing materials as a matter of the highest priority.

For further information contact CEO Robert Jennings:

P: 08 8972 5500

F: 08 8971 0305