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Katherine Hot Springs Revitalisation Stage 2 Begins

posted 16-Aug-2018

Katherine Town Council is gearing up for the commencement of Stage 2 of the Hot Springs Revitalization Project.

This stage involves the upper-level of the Katherine Hot Springs and is about activating the space to provide a welcoming, family friendly outdoor meeting place where the community and tourists can come to relax, eat, play, swim and much more.

Katherine Town Council has enlisted Mode Design Corp. (MODE) to oversee the continued project works.  MODE is an international design practice delivering exceptional multidisciplinary outcomes for partners throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

With MODE’s oversight, Katherine Town Council has begun the design and implementation of the Stage 2 elements including:

  • Iconic, interpretive and beautiful large long neck turtle symbol play element (allow for consultation with Traditional Owners)

  • Outstanding playgrounds towards the southern portion of the park using ideas from existing concepts

  • Pop-up café / picnic gardens to north side of park

  • Integration of design with existing exercise station, river trail, BBQ structures, car park and pop-up cafe

  • Water bubbler and other appropriate park infrastructure

  • Fencing / bollards as appropriate to uses and function

  • Integrated path network

  • Revitalised BBQ and toilet structures

  • Landmark signage element on Victoria Highway

“The Katherine Hot Springs revitalization project will provide increased ambience and activities for all locals and visitors to enjoy.  I am looking forward to its completion as the first project of several Katherine Town Council has planned for the benefit of our community” said Mayor Fay Miller.

As a result of the 2017/18 wet season some erosion occurred in the lower gabion rock wall tier. Given the unique location of the site and the challenges that are often seen in projects of this scale, consultants have been engaged to inspect the site to determine the best method for remediation, keeping in mind to not cause further restrictions to the existing access during this busy period.

MODE, in collaboration with Irwin Consult, has been entrusted to undertake this important task and have carried out a site investigation and come up with a preliminary concept that meets the design brief. With the structural engineers from Irwin Consult and the oversight of MODE, Katherine Town Council is confident the issue will be remediated to meet the timeframes set out.