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Councils combine to discuss sustainable waste options

posted 31-Oct-2018

The first Local Government Environment and Waste Management Symposium was held last week in Palmerston. Katherine based Big Rivers Waste Management Coordinator, Ms. Janna Poortinga, was invited to present at this symposium together with Katherine Town Council’s Manager of Compliance, Environment and Regulatory Services, Mr. Andrew Wilson, to talk about regional collaboration and product stewardship schemes.

The symposium addressed the good work the Northern Territory Councils have been doing with regards to sustainable waste management in remote communities.

"This symposium is a great way of not only demonstrating the good work we've all been doing, but also to provide the opportunity to learn from each other so we can take our waste management to the next level, said Ms Poortinga. “Remote communities are all facing similar problems when it comes to waste and being able to share our experiences will make a great difference in the future of waste in remote NT."