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Council Manages Tree Risk for Community Safety

posted 10-Sep-2018

Council has recently implemented a tree risk assessment strategy to enable identification of various trees that may pose a safety concern to the community.

Council is working with, Mr Bill Sullivan, a consulting arborist to focus on approximately 100 trees located at De Julia Park, Katherine Cemetery and Katherine Sportsgrounds. Starting with the trees which are in more public locations, Mr Sullivan will assess the risk the tree poses to the community. The trees are then tagged and Council staff are able to be kept updated in real time with each tree inspection using Nemus, a Tree Management System, coupled with a risk management system.

“Once the information has been processed, Council can assess and place work orders to the contractors to have the trees maintained or removed. Overall, this strategy is to bring the risk level of tree population of Katherine to ALARP – as low as reasonable possible” said Mr Sullivan.

“Council is very happy to be working in this area to assess potential risks of trees. This work will enable popular areas with trees, to be safety checked where especially large trees are located,” said Mr Andrew Wilson, Manager of Compliance, Environment and Regulatory Services, Katherine Town Council.

As trees are much more than providers of shade and decorators of landscapes, Council is being proactive  to assess each tree and provide maintenance where possible, rather than have the tree removed.

In addition, Council still carries out risk reduction and damage control works in cases of emergency. We also ensure inspections are undertaken when customer requests are received about trees on Council managed reserves and roadsides.