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Council has commenced community consultation with the Edith Farms Community

posted 16-May-2018

Katherine Town Council have been asked to make a decision on whether to provide a waste service to Edith Farms properties accessible via an ‘all weather’ road and provide a waste service 
for properties located on a ‘non all weather’ road.

Prior to making any decision:

Council would like to consult with the Edith Farms community about their views on the introduction of a waste service.

Council is looking to engage with the Edith Farms community and all Edith Farms property owners.

A meeting has been planned for 10am, Saturday 26 May 2018 at Edith Farms Volunteer Fire Brigade, Edith Farms Road.


Invitations have been posted to all Edith Farms property owners. If you are an Edith Farms property owner and not received an invitation please contact or click here for the factsheet.