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Beginning the Conversation

posted 06-Apr-2018

The start of our conversations with the Katherine Community began Wednesday night with a large number of residents and business owners attending the Let’s Talk Katherine Community Forum.  Katherine Town Council and the Member for Katherine, co-hosted the event.

“I was very pleased with the number of people that attended and the level of audience participation. It was the first night of talking together to further improve the quality of our social fabric.  We covered issues concerning youth, alcohol, housing and crime.  The discussion of these issues is an important mechanism toward finding resolutions for our town.  The forum was designed to get Katherine talking positively and we certainly did that!” said The Mayor.

Ms Nelson said, “It was reassuring to see so many people attend the Let’s Talk Katherine Forum.  The number of attendees and participants is a reflection of the passion and commitment that residents of Katherine have for this great town, and the people that call Katherine home.”

The forum provided an insight into the ongoing complex issues faced by the agencies represented on the night and generated a proactive discussion around the What can we do better? How do we achieve it? and What outcomes do we hope to achieve?

A special thank you to Northern Territory Government (NTG) departments for their attendance and participation. These were NTPFES Katherine Police, Department of Education, Department of Territory Families and Department of Housing and Community Development.

“The issues and concerns raised were as diverse as the population, and the conversations were frank, candid and respectful. There were many suggestions put forward by the community members on how we, the government representatives can best support the community, and how the community itself can work together in addressing the issues that they’re most concerned about. I will be working closely with the Katherine Town Council and NTG agencies over the next few weeks to develop community based strategies stemming from the discussions,” said Ms Nelson.

Council is committed to continuing the conversation with our community, NTG partners and relevant stakeholders to progress with the issues and ideas that were raised.

“We thank you all for attending and for the great ideas that were put forward. Your input is invaluable and essential in order for us to continue working collaboratively in partnership with our community,” said The Mayor.

Photos: A full house at Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture and forum guest speakers

Speakers/representatives included:

Department of Education: Susan Bowden – Executive Director Schools North and Laurie Andrew – Regional Director for Katherine

Department of Territory Families:  Karen Broadfoot – Executive Director Northern Region Territory Families and Peter Fletcher – Katherine Team Leader Youth Outreach Re-engagement Program

Department of Housing and Community Development Jamie Chalker – Chief Executive Officer

NTPFES Katherine Police - Central Command Police Commander – Matt Hollamby and Supt. Katherine - Lauren Hill