The Northern Territory Agricultural Association (NTAgA) was founded in 1996, to support growers, lobby government, promote and introduce new agricultural development to interstate and overseas investors and promotes local diversification.
NTAgA members are producing commodities such as maize, peanuts, soybeans, sesame, sorghum, cavalcade seed, rice, mungbeans, watermelons, pumpkins and rockmelons.

Grain production is in its infancy and with a large silo storage the region has huge potential to provide Asia with sorghum, sesame, mung-beans, and hay pastures. Katherine has a rapidly growing Mango industry with over 180,000 trees and is renowned for the quality of mango produced and sold on the southern markets. Fresh vegetables, Citrus ,Peanuts, Melons and Strawberries are also grown in the local Katherine area.

For further information on farming in the Katherine Region please visit the following websites:

Northern Territory Agricultural Association

Dept Primary Industry, Fisheries and Mines